Why choose us?

Best Industrial Quality

Because of our quality German precision, workmanship and service we have established our existence around the globe. Professional costumers from across the world trust us. At ENM we thrive to meet the industrial quality. We use high grade materials which are specifically designed and tailored to meet the industrial quality requirement. We continuously subject our equipment as well as the products being produced to frequent and careful inspections to ensure that we deliver the highest quality products to our customers. 

Have a problem? Don’t worry we got you covered. You can reach our friendly and quick team by contacts. We know that the costumers might not always be experienced pro electronic designers. Therefore, we provide you with possible suggestions and we will also communicate you with issues or problems in the specifications and designs if we find them before it is too late.  

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Highest reliability

We source our components from highly reliable manufacturers from Mouser, Farnell and Digikey. We manufacture the product with great care and do repeated inspection and testing to ensure the reliability of the products. We pay attention to the minute details and manufacture the products correctly in the first attempt so that our customers receive the products on right time and within the budget. 

We use high end manufacturing machinery and tooling to manufacture PCBs, ensuring the high precision requirement of the costumer. The detailed capabilities can be seen here

Highest precision.

Fast and on-time deliveries

We have multiple resources which can easily cope with the required time and volume. Irrespective of your volume requirement, might it be a prototype or a large volume requirement we provide your products faster safer and cheaper. Also our Flexible manufacturing capabilities can help you by producing highly veritable design and low quantity PCBs.

We specialize in precision manufacturing of PCB. You have full freedom of the volume of production. Apart from these we possess extreme level of technical competence as listed here, giving you the full freedom to create, innovate try and succeed. 

Competent service and a wide range of technologies

Low and stable cost.

Low and Stable costs 

We are driven to optimize the production workflow in order to drive the costs low by becoming more efficient at what we do. “We do what we do in a better way, better then yesterday”. We thrive to improve our administration of Lean manufacturing to deliver precise and high quality products on time within the budget. 

We are not interested in asking for few details and spit out some random number as a cost. We are driven to help our customers in the best way possible. We prefer to inspect the details of the design and then charge the costumers just as it is required. This is how our prices stay stable and relatively low. 

Apart from production of PCB we specialize in sourcing great industrial quality products for you. This help you to optimize cost by a great factor, since you will greatly attenuate the shipping cost from different destination from different suppliers. This will also save you huge amount of time since you need not wait for different products to arrive from different suppliers  

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