2 Sharp Knife set with 40 replacement Blades.

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2 Sharp Knife set with 40 replacement Blades.

Properties: -The hobby knife is non-slip and allows the tool to cut quickly and precisely. -Metal Pen knife handle makes the cutting process safe and comfortable. -Light metal handle and sharp blades fit all standard knife blades, including X-Acto blades. - The knife tool can be used for fine angling and precise trimming, cutting, engraving, chiseling, sawing, trimming and stripping etc. can be used. -Suitable for precision cutting, modelling, cutting paper, DIY artwork, plastic, wood, fabric, film, etc.

How to replace the blades:

1. loosen the screws at the tip to release the blade and take out the boring razor.

2. tighten it again after replacement and lock the new blade.

3.please take care not to get scratched when replacing the blades. Delivery contents: 2 x precision knife handles made of metal. 40 x Spare replacement blades.