330 pcs Innengewinde Rändelmuttern M2 M3 M4 M5, Gewindeeinsatz, 3D printed parts

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Article No: EnM0032

  • 15 different sizes for different requirements The brass cylindrical knurled nut kit contains 330 pieces of knurled nut, a total of 15 different sizes of threaded inserts: M2: 4x3.5mm, M4: 4x6mm, M2: 6x3.5 mm, M4: 6x6 mm , M2: 8x3.5 mm, M4: 8x6 mm, M2: 10x3.5mm, M4: 10x6mm, M3: 4x5mm, M5: 6x7 mm, M3: 6x5 mm, M5: 8x7mm, M3: 8x5 mm, M5: 10x7 mm , M3: 10x5 mm, to meet your different needs.
  • High quality: This Cylindrical Knurled Thread Insert Embedded Nuts is made of high quality brass, which has high hardness, wear resistance, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance and long life and no deformation under high pressure.
  • High precision: These brass insert nuts have a high precision thread and are compatible with the corresponding screws. The knurled surface makes the built-in object solid, compact and stable to embed.
  • Standardized thread insert: This threaded insert screwed nut can be used in many ways for injection molding for tight mounting or to replace old ones, can be used in mobile phone housings, computer housings, automotive plastic parts, injection molded parts and other parts embedded in plastic housings. It is also ideal for professionals, amateurs, installations, installers.
  • Easy to carry and use: This internally threaded brass knurled thread insert assortment is sorted and packed in a robust, practical plastic storage case for easy storage and transport. You can find these nuts and use them easily.

Brass cylindrical knurled nuts are available in 15 different sizes to meet different requirements, can be used in the mechanical industry, automotive, electrical, medical, electronics or other.
These nuts are made of high quality brass. It is resistant to high temperatures and corrosion and can be used for a long time.
The surface of the nuts is finely machined to ensure a smooth surface that will not scratch your hands.
Quickly select the size you want.

Material: Brass
Color: Gold
Size: M2, M3, M4, M5 Scope of

30x M2: 4x3.5mm,
30x M2: 6x3.5 mm,
30x M2: 8x3.5 mm,
20x M2: 10x3.5mm ,
30x M3: 4x5mm,
30x M3: 6x5 mm,
20x M3: 8x5 mm,
20x M3: 10x5 mm
30x M4: 4x6mm,
20x M4: 6x6 mm,
20x M4: 8x6 mm,
15x M4: 10x6mm,
15x M5: 8x7mm,
10x M5: 10x7mm,
10x M5: 6x7mm,
a plastic box