5 x Mini MP3 Player DFPlayer Master Module for Arduino

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Article No: EnM0060

Product features:

✔️Support Mp3 and WMV decoding

✔️Supports sampling rates of 810-1a, 11.0251 (1-1.1210-1.1610-1, 32.05104.24KM, 32KHz, 44.1KHz. 4810.1z

✔️24-bit DAC output. Dynamic range support 90413. S1112 supports 85a1

✔️Supports the PAT16. .0'33 file system. maximum support of a 32GB 17 card

✔️Built-in 3W amplifier

✔️A variety of control modes, serial mode. AD button control mode

✔️The audio data is sorted by folder: supports up to 100 folders. Each folder can be assigned to 1000 songs

✔️30 levels of adjustable volume. 10 levels of ECI adjustable

✔️You can pause the background music from the spots in the broadcast language