Crimping Pliers for JST XH, Dupont 2.54 mm, KF2510, TAB 2.8/3.0/3.96 mm Connector for AWG 28-16.

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Product parameters:
● Model Number: SN-42B
Crimping size range: AWG 28-16 (0.1-1.5 mm²).
Length: 190 mm.
● Jaw thickness: 5 mm.
● Weight: 420g
● Material: carbon steel and ABS plastic.

How to use it?
Step 1: Press the handle slightly inwards, and the handle will be released automatically.
Step 2: Select the suitable slot and insert the pin into one of the four slots.
Step 3: Remove the wire and insert it into the pin plug.
Step 4: Gently press the tool together until the ratchet clicks into place and grab the connector.
Step 5: Release the handle and you will get a neatly crimped wire with a secure pin at the end

Package includes:
1 x crimping tool.