EnM Tweezers Stainless Steel Anti-Static Tweezers for DIY

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Use: This product is suitable for professional use and home use in electronic equipment, industry, modeling, design process, stickers, and extension work. It is an indispensable tweezer tightener to clamp the wire, grip false eyelashes, assemble or disassemble tiny pieces.

Features: It is easy to grab small objects and not get your fingers in the way. Can be used for working in confined places. Help you see some elements and work hard. Especially convenient for some films. Spring is soft and tough, and long-term work does not cause acid.

Material and performance: Made of non-magnetic (anti-static), acid-resistant, corrosion-resistant stainless steel. It works very smoothly even with a strong magnetic field.

11 pairs of ESD scorpions and metal crowbars.
With straight, curved tip, flattened tip, flattened curved tip, square tip to choose from ESD34A-sa, ESD-10, ESD-11, ESD-12, ESD-13, ESD-14, ESD-15 ESD-16, ESD -17, ESD-18, ESD-19, double-headed metal crowbar, black coating for anti-slip effect.

Product name: Precision tweezers, 12 pieces.
Use according to actual use:
Flat and square tweezers: for clamping larger parts.
Curved and flattened curved tweezers: For high-precision work and suction in tight spaces.
Straight tip: Capture tiny components for precise work.

The tip of the device is very sharp and should be used with caution. Cover the tweezers with plastic sleeves after each use. It is recommended to keep them out of reach of children.

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