EnM0518 ENGELMANN Gen.3-W Eingabestift Weiß

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1 product description

For writing, drawing and arithmetic. Active Pen (Active Pen). Very precise and compatible with phones and tablets. Not recommended for Microsoft Surface and iPads from 2018. (for iPads from 2018, versions V4 and V5 are compatible.)

2 specifications

Product Type: Stylus

Suitable for manufacturers: Huawei, Samsung, Dell

Suitable for model: Apple iPad 2016, 2017, cellphones and tablets (SAMSUNG Onenote, Huawei N5 N6 V6 Matepad Matepadpro, Del, etc.) and tablets.


Bluetooth: no

Special Features: Compatible with Android phones and tablets and ipads up to 2018

power supply

Battery life: 12 hours

Charging time according to the manufacturer: 2 hours