ENM122 LILYGO® TTGO T5 V2.0 WLAN-Funkmodul Bluetooth-Basis ESP-32 ESP32 2.13 E-Paper-Display-Entwick

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<p _msthash="20490" _msttexthash="365287871"><p><span><br/> Due to the advantages such as extremely low power consumption, wide viewing angle and clear display without power, it is an ideal choice for applications such as shelf labels, industrial instruments, etc. Features:<br /> <br /> - No backlight, displays the last content for a long time even when the device is switched off<br /> - Very low power consumption, basically only needed to refresh power<br /> - Comes with development resources and manual (examples of Arduin-esp32)<br /> <br /> specifications:<br /> <br /> operating voltage: 3.3V<br /> interface: 3-wire SPI, 4-wire SPI<br /> display Color: black, white<br /> -Gray Level: 2<br /> - Full update time: 8s<br /> - Refresher power: 26.4 mW (typ.) <br /> standby power: <0.017 mW<br /> - viewing angle:> 170 °<br /><br /><br /> </p>