EnM2560 Arduino Mega 2560 PRO mini 5V ATMEGA 2560-16AU Development Board

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Artikel-Nr.: EnM2560

· Embedded version of Mega 2560 CH340G/ATmega2560 compatible with Arduino Mega 2560 board, built on Atmel ATmega2560 microcontroller and USB-UART interface chip CH340G.

· The board has a compact size of 38x55mm. It is a good solution to make the final project on the prototype board.

· The functionality of the board is similar to the Arduino Mega2560. It is an embedded board and uses the original chip of ATmega2560 (16MHz).

· The board uses the chip CH340G as a UART-USB converter. Its function in the frequency 12MHz, leads to a stable data exchange (the driver must be installed).

· Mega PRO (Embedded) 2560 CH340G/ATmega 2560 can be connected to the computer through micro USB cable.

· Power supply of the board is via the microUSB connector or via pin headers. The voltage regulator (LDO) can handle an input voltage of 6 V to 9 V (peak 18 V) DC. The output current is over 800 mA at 5 V (please note that the higher the input voltage, the lower the output current). This will provide reliable performance in the initial projects.