MAX7219 Red 8 Bit Digital LED Display Module for for Arduino

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Article No: EnM0051


MAX7219 is an integrated serial input/output cathode graphics driver that connects the microprocessor and the 8-bit, 7-segment digital display LED. You can also connect a bar graph or a separate LED display, multi-channel scan loop, segment word driver, but also an 8x8 static RAM that stores all data. Only one external register is used to set the current of each LED segment.

A practical four-wire serial interface can connect all common microprocessors. All data can be addressed in the update without having to rewrite all displays. MAX7219 also allows the user to select any data encoding or no encoding.

The entire device has a 150 μA shutdown mode with low power consumption, an analog, and digital brightness control, a scan limit register enables the user to display 1-8 bit data, there is an LED light detection mode.


0.36 inch
common cathode
With only three I / O ports, digital 8-bit tubes can be operated.
The module is compatible with 5V / 3.3V microcontrollers (51 / AVR / STM32 ...)
four corners of the PCV board solid copper pin that can effectively prevent short-circuit
accidents Wiring instructions (a program, for example, you can select any I / O port definition can be changed in the program): VCC to 5 V, GND to GND, DIN to P00, CLK to P02, CS on P01


VCC and GND do not reverse, it would burn the chip.
51 A pull-up resistor is required for the MCU P0 port if your device does not have a pull-up resistor to which data lines of other ports can be connected. Package included

1 x MAX7219 digital 8-bit tube module
4 x copper column
4 x screws