RGB LED Matrix Panel, Resolution 64X64, Pitch 2.5mm.

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Article No: EnM0048

Name :

RGB LED matrix panel

Pitch :


Panel dimension :


Scan method :


LEDs :

SMD2121 modules

Resolution :


Module Weight :


Play format:

videos, images, texts, etc.

Programming Code and Libraries:

If you are using ESP and Arduino Devices:


If you are using Raspberry Pi Devices:


What is an LED matrix:

An LED matrix or LED display is a large, low-resolution form of dot-matrix display, useful both for industrial and commercial information displays as well as for hobbyist human-machine interfaces. It consists of a 2-D diode matrix with their cathodes joined in rows and their anodes joined in columns (or vice versa). By controlling the flow of electricity through each row and column pair it is possible to control each LED individually. By multiplexing, scanning across rows, quickly flashing the LEDs on and off, it is possible to create characters or pictures to display information to the user. By varying the pulse rate per LED, the display can approximate levels of brightness. Multi-colored LEDs or RGB-colored LEDs permit use as a full-color image display. The refresh rate is typically fast enough to prevent the human eye from detecting the flicker. The primary difference between a common LED matrix and an OLED display is the large, low-resolution dots. The OLED monitor functionally works the same, except there are many times more dots, and they are all much smaller, allowing for greater detail in the displayed patterns. (Wikipedia)